FREE Pre-loved School Uniform
Our uniform scheme is run by volunteers and our stock is based on donations.

The history of our FREE Uniform Scheme?

Statement (17th July 2023)
RWB LYN Uniform scheme for RWB Schools.

In 2019 RWB LYN identified the need for pre-loved uniform in RWB.  We worked prior to, and throughout, the COVID pandemic with a socially distanced online ordering system, to provide free uniform to those who needed it. Post pandemic with living costs rising, RWB LYN changed our uniform scheme to ‘in person giveaways’ every few months, where people could see sizes and styles first hand, and RWB LYN could give away more uniform to more people. To date RWB LYN has supplied over 10,000 items of uniform at no cost to families.

We are now changing the way we work again to meet the current needs of our town and its children as living costs continue to rise.

RWB LYN is the facilitator for collecting, sorting, washing, mending and giving away uniform in RWB.  As living cost continue to rise, the need for free uniform increases and we do not want any child in RWB to go without the uniform they need, when they need it.

RWB LYN are pleased that RWBA, St Bart’s and Noremarsh now have their own ‘in school’ uniform schemes.  This means that rather than waiting until a ‘giveaway’ we are giving all our uniform stocks to these schools so they can give it to the children and students who need it, as soon as they need it.

We are corresponding with Longleaze and WB Infants to see if we can help them set up similar ‘in school’ schemes to support their children too.

RWB LYN will be offering the uniform stock it holds, to each respective school in RWB so they can run their own uniform scheme. Our donation boxes in the school reception areas, Library and RWB Town Council Offices will still be donation drop off points. Our team of volunteers will continue to collect, sort, wash and mend the items then deliver uniform to the appropriate school.

Whilst RWB LYN saw the need for uniform in 2019, the scheme has grown more than imagined, helping hundreds of families and children in our schools.  It is RWB LYN’s hope that by continuing to provide donation boxes and volunteers to process the clothes for each school, more and more children and families will benefit from free school uniform in RWB over time.


The Children’s Society have campaigned for minimal branding and low cost school uniform since 2014. The RWB LYN uniform scheme has helped all RWBA schools work towards achieving this.

When is best to ask for uniform? Starting a new school?

  • RWBA places are usually confirmed at the start of March.
  • Primary school places are usually confirmed during the Easter holidays.
  • Summer uniform (RWBA and primary schools) – ahead of the Easter holidays ready for the summer term.

Why use a FREE Uniform Scheme?

  • To save money
  • To be environmental – this helps by recycling and reusing good quality school uniform
  • To replace damaged or stained uniform quickly
  • To get uniform quickly due to a sudden house move (HM Forces, work relocation etc)
  • If your child will leave school soon, it is a cost effective way to get uniform for a short time period
  • To help cover the cost of school uniform for children that grow fast!

How to Donate Uniform
Children grow so quickly! If you have uniform that has been outgrown, please consider donating it back to Royal Wootton Bassett LYN. There are cardboard donation boxes in the reception areas in all RWB schools and also in RWB Library in Borough Fields, The Town Pantry and RWB Town Council Offices. NO shoes please. Our volunteers will collect, mend, wash, sort, remove name labels and reuse all the uniform we can. We recycle or donate to charity any donated items that aren’t suitable for re-use.

Thanks to:

  • All local businesses who advertise our scheme
  • Box & Seal who created and donated our donation boxes for all schools
  • All our volunteers who collect, sort, wash, mend and pack the uniform orders
  • All schools and Royal Wootton Bassett Library, and RWB Town Council for supporting our scheme.